Coaching is our crown jewel.

We truly believe that it is the most powerful and effective way to accelerate and get the results you want and…

…to transform your relationship with the work, improve your skills, embrace future challenges, and design your life!

In the process you will have to give a lot of yourself…

…and our role is to facilitate your discovery, following you on the way and giving you the best of us.

We are experts in Executive, Team, Group and Career Coaching and each one of the Sofia Calheiros & Associates coaches is unique, working with all their commitment, as well as their vast experience and certified quality.

More! Each Coaching Program is unique!

We perform face-to-face sessions (in your facilities or at ours), by phone, virtually or in “walking mode”.

We also perform offsite/outdoor sessions with experiential activities that, apart from improving and facilitating the process, make it much more special and unforgettable!




With horses

With paddle

In offsite



Walk & Talk

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