Sofia Calheiros Founder and Partner

Psychologist and entrepreneur businesswoman with 30 years of career at the service of people and organizations in Portugal and all over the world. Sofia was Partner of Conceito O2 for 18 years, being responsible for Strategy & Innovation and coordinating a large international team. Sofia was Human Resources Director of a 500 employees company. Has more than 20 years of experience in HR Consultancy, mainly in Executive Coaching (CEO’s, Directors and Managers). Have been working within behavioral training in Leadership and Talent development in Consultancy for organisational change and growth.

Leadership expert and pioneer of coaching in Portugal, Sofia has written several publications and is an invited lecturer in several universities to deliver talks and ignite discussions on these topics.

Meet our network of talent

Multidisciplinary, expert and creative. We promote high performance in people, teams and organizations by creating healthy and profitable climates. What makes each one of us ‘tick’ is…

The co-creation of new possibilities.

Make a positive impact on people's lives.

Supporting growth and financial sustainability of inspiring organizations.

I am passionate about Life and the process of becoming Aware of our “Common Humanity”.

The passion of living, having as horizon the utopia of humanity as sense and purpose of life.

Being a facilitator in the development and innovation process of people and organizations.

Working to build contexts where societies and people can flourish.

Encouraging people to overcome personal and cultural challenges.

Focusing on people and sharing with others every single day.

Knowing that focusing in Quality is a success factor for the development of my Country.

Supporting people's unfolding towards their bravest, most expansive lives.

Awaken in the other the best that he always has to offer.

I'm always surprised with how much each person has to offer! It's incredible to help place that potential in service of other people.

Being both an «awakener» & a storyteller.

The challenge to excel that drives my dedication and joy.

Commitment and a good mood to embrace ambitious projects of people development.

Being present when people search and get to meet themselves.

Sharing my inner essence through passionately giving and receiving.

Knowing that: The secret of success is to be Human.

What I'm fascinated about are the countless and limitless possibilities we have to be who we want to be.

To see people grow, and that is what makes me humanly coach.

I partner with you to make things happen.

Awaken talent and leverage the potential of people and companies.

Developing and transforming organizations through leadership and talent.

Awaken clarity and consciousness to new ways of being and doing.

Exceed customers’ expectations through growth, innovation and knowledge.

Inspiring myself in the challenges and putting my passion for people in action.

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