We design workshops as a safe environment to experience new behaviors, in the way to an improved version of yourself…
…whatever that means :-)

So, each training is unique!
It results from the multiplicity of personalities and challenges present, all contributing with the best of themselves to create a strong collective memory.

Our actions are based on an articulation of Experiment – Reflect – Act, allowing each one to incorporate new knowledge and skills into their unique personal frame of reference.

Our approach

Always active and experiential!

And we are always creating new and differentiating programs and approaches.

Know some of our programs:

Uncounscious Bias

Cultural Intelligence™

Emotional Intelligence

Positive Power & Influence™

Team Development

The Art of Teaming

Developing a Sales Culture Company

Situational Leadership

The Coaching Clinic™

Leading From Within

Meaningful Crucial Conversations™

Accountability & Empowerment


The Spirit of Leadership

Executive Presence™

Strategic Agility


From Insight to Performance


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