Sofia Tenreiro

General Manager

Cisco Portugal

I keep a very warm memory of all the years that I’ve partnered with Sofia Calheiros and her teams. In her role of Coach, Sofia helped in my professional path, showing a lot of trust, huge availability for me, always striving so I could find the best solutions. I’ve found them! As Team Coach in the development process of my team, Sofia Calheiros & All have designed innovative and stimulating programs targeted to reinforce a transformational, collaborative and inclusive culture, given the existing diversity of backgrounds and individual profiles. It’s a pleasure to partner with Sofia and have the opportunity to enjoy her distinctive skills, strong sensibility and large experience.

Jorge Olalde


Nestlé España

At NESTLÉ PORTUGAL, we’ve worked with Sofia Calheiros & Associates in a Cultural Transformation project focused on leadership team development. Sofia Calheiros & Associates commitment, passion, constant challenge and experience in coaching of leadership teams was essential in helping us to put into practice an even more inspiring and transformational leadership in our organization.

Beatriz Perez

HR Manager - Iberia

Fox International Channels

Over the last few years, I’ve been partnering with Sofia Calheiros and the team she leads in numerous projects whose central axis was to develop the best in the individual, teams and organization, and we did it! Sofia Calheiros & all bring innovative approaches which surprise and captivate the teams. What can I highlight about Sofia? Her experience, so wide and diverse, helps us to put challenges into perspective, identify opportunities and what to change in the process of continuous improvement. Professionalism, Trust and Passion, Change, Innovation and Curiosity are words that match well with Sofia. Disruptive and challenging also. Clients that embrace a challenging partner have much to gain with her! Throughout these years, I’ve learned a lot from you, I believe that you’ve also enjoyed the programs that we’ve done together. I’m confident that the partnership will continue…

Rodrigo Teixeira de Sousa

Communication & New Business Head

Samsung Portugal

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” Bill Gates

In our personal and professional path there are only few special people, people who inspire us. For me, Sofia is definitely one. By sharing her vast experience and through a coaching program aligned completely with the specific needs and characteristics of each manager and company, Sofia Calheiros & Associates contributes to the development of individual competencies required for organizational success. Sofia makes it happen. By being intense, curious, genuine and believer, she surely contributes to a better world. Building on the best in us.

Tarcísio Pontes

Head of Training

Millennium BCP

Millennium BCP has found in Sofia Calheiros the right methods to produce team alliance and leadership alignment. Her work is outstanding because every person is understood as a single individual, nevertheless there is always a commitment to achieve a collective and relevant outcome.

Angela Martins

HR Manager Iberia

Willis Towers Watson

Sofia Calheiros & All has been playing an important role in coaching my team and in implementing a graduate’s induction program. The focus on the client, the flexibility and the sense of humor were the key points for the success in the projects that we have been working together.

Jorge Dias

Chairman of the Board

Maintarget S.A.

Through the partnership established in 2015 with the Company Sofia Calheiros & Associates, the Maintarget Group developed new projects as part of its Training Academy “Academia Target”.

It is fair to highlight the close and trustful relationship between Sofia Calheiros, the Top Management, and Group companies´ teams, with gains in terms of the sense of entrepreneurship that characterizes us, responsiveness to change, professional way in taking new challenges and seeking creative solutions. A partnership is a commitment, a share of corporate culture and, above all, a join of forces to maximize the quality of client service. The existence of this partnership is consistent with this approach.

Jorge Correia

Managing Director


We at GEO have searched for a long time for a HR company that could help us in our international HR requirements (GEO operates in Europe, Asia and Americas). Anita Haensler really understands a customer problem and has a comprehensive approach in order to find the best solutions. The combination of her international experience with the knowledge of the best methodologies guarantees successful implementations!

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